Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update 8/4

Lots of things happening lately, it's been a while since the last update.

Pictures are up on my Picasaweb from the Concan vacation. They had a huge rock that we jumped off of into the Frio River. Man it was awesome. However, I HATE sleeping in a tent in the Texas heat. I guess I'm no longer a country boy, I'm full blown city boy. I gotta find a cabin next time. :-)

I've been working on the house. I got to use my cool tools (mitre saw, router, circular saw, electric planer, mini router, nail guns) while replacing all the interior doors in my house. I love my tools. They rock. Hopefully, we can get the house ready to sell so we can move into a bigger house.

Been working on some software for Citrix. I've actually wrote it all in VBScript about 5 years ago. I've since re-written it all in C# and making it ASP.Net and Service based. Hopefully I can get it perfected and start distributing it. We will see, that's a looong road.

Football has officially started. Boys started their football practices, 6 times a week for the first 3 weeks. It actually started last week, shorts and cleats only. They strapped on the pads yesterday and had their first full day of hitting. We get to scrimmage League City next Saturday. So we are prepping for the long season. It's gonna be a good one!! Keep an eye on my Picasaweb page, I will be posting pictures when the games start.

Marching practice has started. My 2 younger ones are playing youth football, but my oldest is starting his first year (freshman) of Friendswood Mighty Mustang Marching Band this year. His first practice was yesterday and they went from 12-9. WHEW! Funny thing though, his band big brothers came and woke him up at 5 AM yesterday with a whistle and a horn. Scared the crap out of him, he screamed like a little girl, that was funny as heck!! Wish I would have videotaped that. Oh well, it was funny. Now the serious band stuff starts.

Go Colts and Go Mustangs!!